SOUL Priorities

The SOUL portion involves financial needs for Omwake-Dearborn Chapel and its Casavant organ and an endowment for spiritual enrichment of the student body.  The college plans to raise $3.3 million for projects in the SOUL area, including:

Organ Renovation & Enhancement - FUNDED

Our Casavant organ is in need of repair.  The organ is more than 50 years old, and while it has provided acoustical splendor in the chapel for many years, it is at the point that we must renovate and enhance.  The organ can be played, but barely and only by someone who knows the organ well.  Many notes are “dead” and the console action locks up at times.  Our plan is to rebuild/renovate the 40% of the organ that can be and couple this to a 4 manual Rodgers 484 organ.  This will customize the organ to meet Catawba’s needs.

*Naming opportunity available for the organ with a $250,000 gift.

Chapel Endowment - $1 Million - FUNDED

The American Gothic-styled chapel is a landmark on the Catawba Campus and ties the College to the community through both public and private events.

  • The nave, lined with stone gothic arches..
  • The chancel, dominated by three-paneled stained glass windows rising above the reredos.
  • The large stained glass rose window at the rear above the balcony.
  • The 75-bell carillon.

The chapel is named for two college presidents, Dr. Donald Dearborn who was President when the chapel was completed in 1964, and his father-in-law, Dr. Howard R. Omwake, who was president during a period of steady growth from 1931-1942.

An endowment fund will allow us to protect and preserve this important building. The fund will provide revenue for general maintenance and repairs for the chapel, including the organ.

Endowment for Discover Programs - FUNDED

This endowment will provide funds used to establish campus-wide activities to enable individuals to discover who they are, how they should live out their faith, and what they are called to do vocationally. This funding will:

  1. Enable student inquiry and spiritual growth through internships with non-profit and faith-based organizations.
  2. Enhance the “Creating Catawba Community Grant” Program. This unique program enables any campus group (e.g. athletic, or academic team, student calls, faculty, staff, etc.) to participate in the activities specifically designed to create a greater sense of community. These experiences of community-building activities will help groups accomplish their goals and contribute to success.
  3. Encourage additional student-centered programs and activities that can further transform individual growth encapsulating Catawba’s Mission of providing personal attention, knowledge, and career preparation.

Catawba has received two separate challenge matches totaling $500,000 in gifts to help fund this endowment. Gifts made to this effort will be matched dollar for dollar. Gifts will be divided among two named funds:

  • The Wade Hampton Shuford , Jr. and Joanne White Shuford and Family Fund for Student Enrichment and Faith Development
  • The Kenneth W. Clapp Fund for Discover Programs
Support for Clergy Alumni, Churches and Students Preparing for Ministry - FUNDED

These monies will be used to provide opportunities for clergy to be supported in areas that provide great challenges for people in ministry in today’s world, including stress, financial management, health and wellness, and changing roles within ministry. 

SOUL Campaign Progress

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